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12 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Dominating 2022

If you're not implementing these digital marketing trends in 2022, you are missing out. Click here to learn what the most successful businesses are doing.

The top three challenges marketers are currently facing include: engaging consumers in real-time, creating cohesive experiences, and innovating. Applying the top digital marketing trends of 2022 to your plans can help you accomplish all three. With a stronger digital marketing strategy, you can get leagues ahead of the competition, too. 

Not sure how to get started? Here are some of the top trends in digital marketing to consider for the year.

With these tips, you can wow customers, remain relevant, and discover new ways to generate leads.

Get started with these digital marketing top trends today!

1. Personalization

As you start applying the latest digital marketing trends to your efforts, focus on personalizing your approach.

About 74% of consumers get annoyed when web content fails to match their interest. In fact, 52% of your customers will leave for one of your competitors if you’re not personalizing communications.

Learning how to personalize experiences can enable your business to grow. Instead, 90% of marketers note measurable lifts in results due to personalization. Nearly 60% claim the lift is higher than 10%.

Meanwhile, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if you personalize experiences.

Personalization can help you forge stronger, emotional connections with your target audience. In fact, 98% of marketers say personalization advances customer relationships. About 70% say the impact is strong or extremely strong.

Personalizing online experiences could boost your marketing ROI by eight times and lift sales by 10% or more.

To apply personalization to these remaining digital marketing trends, gather audience research. Determine who your customers are and what problems they face daily. Then, find new ways to offer them the solutions they’re searching for.

If you’re targeting a broad audience, create buyer personas based on demographic and psychographic research. 

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has also had an impact on other digital marketing top trends. For example, AI could have an impact on your pay-per-click advertising efforts. It might also impact your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

As technology develops over time, new tools will become available to help improve and streamline your marketing campaigns. You can use computing power to make more informed decisions regarding your strategies. 

For example, AI can determine the best bid strategy or placements for your PPC ads.

Google’s search engine algorithm uses AI to determine what content to display in front of a consumer. As a result, Google is able to ensure the content aligns with the user’s search intent.

Make sure to keep up with new developments in AI before they impact your existing campaigns. 

3. Voice Search

About 50% of consumers now use voice searches for general website searches. Meanwhile, nearly 41% of all voice search answers come from featured snippets. Appearing for voice search results can help you improve your organic rankings.

Higher rankings will help you generate brand awareness, web traffic, and leads. You can appear ahead of competitors to reach consumers first. To appear for voice searches, make sure to update your SEO keyword research. Focus on longer keywords phrased as questions. The average voice search result is 29 words in length. 

If you aren’t sure how to proceed, you may want to engage an SEO expert to help lead the way.

4. Privacy Protection

Consumers are becoming more concerned about their privacy and data. As you apply these trends in digital marketing, prioritize privacy as well. 

Otherwise, you might struggle to generate brand trust. If consumers can’t trust your business, they won’t shop from your business. Instead, they’ll turn their attention toward your competitors.

Add an SSL certificate to your website, especially if you accept online payments. Update your website’s privacy policy as well. 

5. Mobile Optimization

Though mobile optimization isn’t new to this list of trends in digital marketing, it’s more important than ever. 

Over 60% of consumers make purchases from their devices. Meanwhile, nearly 60% of all web traffic worldwide is generated through mobile devices. About 75% of smartphone users turn to search to address immediate needs.

If consumers are searching for products, services, and businesses, they’re likely to use their phones.

Make sure your site is mobile optimized. Otherwise, your SEO and PPC campaigns could suffer. 

Consider applying these website design trends to your site as well.

6. Chatbots

You can also combine digital marketing trends like AI and chatbots to appeal to your target audience.

Add a chatbot to your website to answer consumer questions while you’re unavailable. Using AI can help you improve the user’s online experience. Ensuring consumers receive immediate answers to their questions could help you generate more leads. 

7. Video Content

Video content is eye-catching, engaging, and easy for consumers to view. You can add videos to your website landing pages, ads, or social media posts. 

Consider hosting live video sessions on social media to engage your audience as well. 

8. Automation

Automation can save you valuable time and money as you begin running digital campaigns.

For example, you can automatically send consumers an email when they abandon their carts on your website. Automation can also streamline the consumer’s online experience. Use automation to improve your PPC campaigns, too. 

9. EAT

Make sure you’re keeping up with SEO marketing trends, too. EAT stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Adding EAT to your content can boost your brand’s credibility.

Establishing your credibility could help you become a trusted thought leader, allowing you to generate more leads.

10. Influencer Marketing

Consider which digital marketing top trends you can apply to your social media marketing strategy, too. For example, you can partner with an influencer to expand your brand’s visibility.

Influencers can promote your product or service to their existing audience, enabling you to leverage brand trust to boost sales. 

11. Interactive Content

If you want to boost engagement, consider posting more interactive content. Generating more engagement can help consumers remember your brand.

For example, you can post polls and quizzes using Instagram Story stickers. 

12. Shoppable Social

Consumers don’t have to leave their favorite apps to shop from your store. Instead, you can use shoppable social media posts to generate immediate sales. For brick and mortar stores, there will also be a need to focus on their local SEO efforts.

Use eye-catching, branded images on social media to draw consumers toward your products. These images will blend in with organic content, ensuring you don’t interrupt the user’s experience. 

Get Ahead: Apply These Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

Learning how to apply these digital marketing trends of 2022 can help your brand remain relevant. It can also help you generate more leads than ever before. Improve your digital marketing strategy with these trends today!

You don’t have to update your digital marketing strategy alone, though. We can help. 

Contact our team to start growing your business today.


Mark Hallman

Mark Hallman

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