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7 Must-Haves for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

What makes a great digital marketing strategy? What are the things that you really shouldn't leave out? Find out more in this article.

Is your digital marketing strategy as good as it could be? 

In the modern world of online business, digital marketing is everything. It’s how you get your name out in the world, make sure the right people are paying attention, and grow your brand. 

Having a good strategy is essential to successful marketing; it always has been and always will be. If you haven’t got one in place, it’s time to change that.

Start building a winning digital marketing strategy with these must-haves.

1. Targeted Advertising

Although there’s a lot more to digital marketing that adverts, they should still be a part of your strategy. More specifically, you should be focusing on targeted ads.

In the online world, targeting the people who should see your advertising is actually very simple, so why wouldn’t you do it? When using Google Ads, you can specify your audience based on factors like location, age, and even interests at the click of a button. With PPC ads, keywords and location can also be used to target the right people.

By using targeted ads, you’ll make each impression more valuable and more likely to convert the viewer. Why? Because you know they’ll be interested!

2. A Responsive Website

By 2025, it’s expected that 72.6% of all internet users will be browsing from a smartphone. If your website isn’t ready for that, you’re going to miss out!

Responsive websites are sites that work across devices, from desktops to smartphones. They look good and all the features are fully functioning, letting your users get the full experience of your site no matter how they view it. It’s also well-known that Google favors mobile-responsive sites, so if you want to get those all-important SEO bonus points, this better be a part of your strategy.

3. Longtail Keywords

Keywords are so important that the digital marketing definition may as well include them! They’re a vital part of SEO and not something you can afford to ignore.

But where one word used to do, keywords are getting longer. Longtail keywords are more like search phrases, and they let you target more specific searches. For example, where couch may have been your keyword, now you should use couch delivery service or leather couch in Kitchener. 

This narrows down the competition greatly and shows Google exactly what you’re advertising. 

As a bonus tip, when focusing on keyword choice you should also be looking at more than search volume. With the rise of snippets and 49% of all searches now being no-click searches, you should also be looking at the click-through rate of the keywords. This is how many searches of the keyword actually led to viewing a website. 

4. Social Media Profiles

Any digital marketing agency will tell you about the importance of social media. It helps you build brand awareness, boosts your SEO, and lets you engage directly with your customers and audience. When setting up your social media accounts, here are some tips:

  • Choose the platforms that your audience prefers
  • Focus on a few accounts rather than setting them up on every platform
  • Schedule regular posts
  • Reply to comments and encourage engagement by asking questions in your posts
  • Keep your content relevant to your brand ethos

Social media is time-consuming, but it’s well worth it! Take your time learning about it before diving in to make sure your social media marketing is flawless. 

5. Chatbots for Customer Service

There’s no doubt that chatbots are on the rise. These handy AI tools are amazing for providing quick customer service and reducing the number of employees you need.

You don’t need to install any fancy tools, either. Your chatbots can be as simple as the feature already integrated with Facebook, which allows for pre-set questions and answers, as well as sending relevant notifications to your users. For example, if they enquired about a table at a restaurant that was fully booked, the chat would automatically send a notification when one became free. 

Don’t rely on chatbots for 100% of your service, though. Consumers still want to talk to real people, so use chatbots to work out what they’re asking and then direct them to the right member of staff. 

6. Content Marketing and Distribution

Digital marketing companies love content marketing, and you should too! Content marketing is one of the best ways to improve your branding, connect with your audience, and convert browsers into customers. Examples of content marketing include:

  • The copy on your website
  • Blog posts and articles
  • Videos and images
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics 

But, the idea of make it and they will come definitely isn’t right. After making your content, make sure you’re sharing it across your social media. For blog posts, be sure to optimize them for search engines, too, helping them appear to the right people. 

7. Analytics Tools

One of the best things about digital marketing is the ability to analyze your strategy. Once you’ve put your ideas in place and your marketing is up and running, don’t forget to keep analyzing the results! You can do this with tools like Google Analytics and those built into social media platforms. 

By keeping an eye on your results, you can check that your strategy is working. If there’s an area that seems to be letting you down, you can focus your energy on improving it. 

Get Help With Your Digital Marketing

As a digital marketing agency, we know the importance of good strategy. It’s how you organize your ideas, create interlinking marketing with consistent branding, and grow your brand. 

If you need help with anything—from what is digital marketing? to how do I improve my ROI from social media?—give us a shout!

If you’re tired of all things digital, hand the work over to our team. We’ll take good care of your brand, helping you thrive in the competitive world of online business. 


Mark Hallman

Mark Hallman

Mark works with business to engage their audiences online via targeted marketing campaigns, conversion based websites, and ongoing measurement and optimization.

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