If you want to begin a successful Google Adwords campaign, the content of your ads and the keywords you use are important. But you should not overlook the importance of your website content too.

There is no point attracting lots of new internet traffic to your website if your pages don’t help you to make more sales. So take the time to make sure your website helps you sell.

 Send People to the Right Page

If you sell a variety of different products, don’t waste your prospective customer’s time by sending them all to your home page. If they don’t see what they want right away, they make not keep looking around your site. Make sure you link each ad to the page which has exactly what they’re looking for.

 Make Sure You Actually Stock What They Are Looking For

Don’t run ads for specific search terms or brand names if you don’t actually stock what the customer is looking for – unless you stock an exceptional alternative. If the customer types a particular brand, make or model into Google search they have usually done their research and have decided to buy.

This may sound like common sense but many companies make this mistake. Also if you discontinue a product or service, make sure that they person who is running your Adwords campaign knows this, so they don’t run ads for products you no longer sell.

 Run Ads When You Have Deals and Special Offers on Particular Products

If you have deals and special offers on popular products, make sure you run an ad for that product and include the words “deal” or “special offer” in your Google Adwords ad. People who are searching for a particular product are more likely to click on your ad if they see the word “deal” or “special offer” in the text.

 Make Sure Your Page Gives Them a Good Reason to Buy Now

The internet is vast and potential customers often get lost when they are browsing. Even if they are tempted by what you have to offer, they may decide to check out your competitors first. So make sure your web pages give potential customers enough information and a good reason to buy right away.

You could offer a limited time deal, or if you have special advantages over your competitors, state those benefits on your page. Do your best to show that you are the best business to purchase from now.

 Make Sure You Bring Back Customers Who Don’t Buy

Not everyone will buy right away. Some customers enjoy browsing and researching. But make sure they don’t forget about you. An online opt in mailing list is simple to set up if you use an auto-responder like AWeber or MailChimp. Encourage potential customers to sign up by including an opt-in form on key web pages. Interested prospects may opt in to your mailing list if you promise special deals and exclusive offers, or special information.

 Tweak Your Ads and Only Keep the Best Performers So You Make More Sales

Use split testing to compare the performance of each ad in your campaign. Get rid of the ones that are performing badly and improve the mediocre ones. By continuing to monitor the performance of your ads, you will increase your overall sales.

 Consider Your ROI on Different Products

When you are measuring your return on investment, don’t just look at the overall performance of your campaign. Look at your return on investment for each particular product to make sure you are not making a loss in certain areas.

For example, you may have a product that retails for $2000 with a 50% profit margin. So $1000 of each sale is profit, less your advertising costs. If each click costs you $2 and 3 people in 100 who click through actually buy your product, it is costing you are making $2800 profit for every 100 clicks ($3000 less ad costs) That is an excellent return on investment.

At the same time, you may sell a $20 product, with an $8 profit margin. If each ad costs you 10 cents a word, that is $10 per 100 clicks. And if you only sell one product for every 100 clicks, you are making a loss on that product as your $10 payment is costing more than your ads.

It is crucial that you monitor your campaign continuously to make sure that every single product you sell through Google Adwords is making you a healthy profit.

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