Keywords are essential in any online marketing campaign. Essentially, keywords are the group of words or phrases that are used when searching for specific topics using search engines like Google.

Using the right keywords can help generate traffic for a website because its content can be easily crawled by search bots. The same is true for Google AdWords. Because Google only shows advertisements relevant to what the user searched for, it’s important for you to use keywords in your ads that would increase the chances of it getting clicked.

 Keyword Selection

Keyword selection is a process in itself to know the most relevant keywords to include in your ad, review the goals that you want to achieve with your Google Grant. Our previous blog installment covered Effective Goal Setting for Your Google Grant and if you were able to follow our recommendations, keyword research will be easier for you.

For Google ads, keywords are commonly referred to as AdWords and keywords that you can use are auctioned. The next installment of this series will explore this deeper, for now, we’ll focus on finding the right keywords that you can purchase.


 Tips for Choosing Keywords

  • List down some phrases that you think people use to search for topics related to what your organization is promoting. Example keywords are: “dog rescue shelters in (name of city)”, “donations for hurricane relief in (name of city)”, “volunteer in soup kitchens in (name of city).”
  • Notice that locations are included in the examples given. Targeted advertising is more effective when specific geographic areas are included in the keywords used. You also want to be more detailed. For example, “dog rescue shelters for greyhounds in (name of city)” will give searchers a better idea of what the organization is about.
  • Use keyword research tools to expand on your list. Google has its own keyword tool that you can use. Type in the phrase that you want to research further and pay attention to the amount of competition that you have for that phrase, as well as the number of times it is searched for monthly.
  • You want to choose the phrases that have a decent number of monthly searches but have low competition. You can also use other keyword research tools to cross-check with your Google research.
  • You also need to think like a searcher in determining the best keyword for your ad. Get into the minds of people who may want to participate in activities related to your cause and brainstorm the phrases that they might use to get the information that they need.

With the large budget available through a Google Grant, you will be able to experiment to find which keywords work best for your target audience. Don’t be afraid to be broad with your keyword selection when setting up a campaign, if you don’t get the results you want you can always delete poorly performing keywords and choose new ones.

In the next post in this series we will look at the the $2 Maximum Bid Limit When Using a Google Grant.

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