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Does Your Business Really Need to Use Google Ads?

For most businesses, there is an ongoing need to find new customers for your products and services. Google Ads can help you make that match.

For most businesses, there is always an interest in driving more traffic to your website to engage potential customers with your product or services offerings. With Google Ads, you are able to bring new visitors to your site almost immediately when they search for your products and services online.

With the correct guidance, you can excel at search engine marketing and avoid the many pitfalls that can take place if you don’t understand how it works. The expertise of a Google Partner will keep you right on track and enable you to reap the benefits of a successful Ads campaign.

The following are 5 great reasons why you should use Google Ads.

#1 – You Will Get Found By Local Customers

Problem – Focusing Only On Branded Keywords

Some business owners become way too excited when their SEO expert gets them to the top of Google search results for their business name and local area. The trouble is that it is only your existing customers who are likely to search you online by name, if they want to access your website. Potential new customers don’t know who you are, and won’t be able to find you.

Solution – Understand What Potential Customers Are Searching For

Prospective customers who are looking for the service you offer, in your local area will search by the type of service and the area, for example they may do a Google search for “pet grooming toronto”. Luckily, it is simple to list the service you offer and your local area name in a Google Ads ad, and because it is relevant to what your prospective customer is looking for, they are more likely to click through.

#2 – Your Business Can Appear in Search Results NOW

Problem – You Can’t Afford To Wait For Results

Some businesses spend years trying to get to the top of Google search results for competitive keywords, and it can be an expensive and time consuming battle. Many people think that search engine optimization is free, because you don’t have to pay for ads. The truth is, it takes a lot of time and money to compete for the top keywords using SEO.

Solution – Google Ads Can Bring You Quick Results

A carefully executed search engine marketing campaign could take you to the top of Google search results, for the most competitive keywords, immediately. This helps you get a return on your investment and start making sales right away.

#3 – You Can Advertise Your Latest Offers

Problem – People Won’t Buy If They Don’t Know

If you decide to run a special offer or a discount, potential customers won’t see your offer online. SEO takes time, and isn’t a great way to promote your limited time offers or promotions.

Solution – Google Ads Alerts Searchers to Your Offer Right Away

You can put details of your offer in one of your Google Ads ads and prospective customers will see it immediately.

For example, if you own a camping supplies shop and you want to offer deals on tents at a slow time, you could run an ad with the keywords “tent deals” and anyone searching for deals on tents will see your ad and click through. And remember, the more relevant your ad is to their Google search, the more likely they are to click through and buy.

#4 – You Can Show Up In Google Search For the Latest “Must Have” Products

Problem – Potential Online Customers Don’t Know You Stock It

If you stock a newly released hot product that everyone wants, you need to get it in front of potential customers right away to make more sales. But it can be tough to let them know about it if you rely on word of mouth or search engine optimization. In fact, by the time anyone finds it, it could be yesterday’s news.

Solution – Use Google Ads to Tell Them

You can run an ad specific to that product immediately. That way when people use Google search to find the product, they are more likely to see your ad first and buy from you.

#5 – You Only Pay When People Click

Problem – Getting Results

You could spend a small fortune on poorly optimized Google Ads campaign and not see any results. Keyword search intent, geographic targeting, budget allocation, and many other settings factor into how well your campaigns are going to perform. Unfortunately, Google makes it very easy to spend a lot of money advertising, even if you aren’t sure about what you are doing.

Solution – Measure Your ROI with Google Ads

With Google Ads you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad, and the more relevant your web page is to the ad, the more likely they are to buy.

The challenge is, many people get burned by Google Ads because they don’t know how to use their ads and webpages to attract the best results from Google Ads. Even in paid search engine marketing, Google wants to see relevant results. Yet a lot of people don’t realize that the more relevant their results, the lower the price they will pay for their ads.

A good Google Ads consultant can advise you on how to set up a successful campaign, pay a low cost per click, deliver relevant ads to the right pages and make more sales.

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Mark Hallman

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