A Google Grant alone will not guarantee any positive results if you don’t have specific goals that you want to achieve before starting your online ad campaign. This first entry for the Getting the Most Out of Your Google Grant blog series will focus on effective goal setting.

To make Google ads work effectively for your website, you need to make a list of specific goals that you want to achieve. Objectives like “get more visitors” or “increase website traffic” may seem sufficient, but if you want tangible and more targeted results, you need to be more detailed.


Questions to Help You Define Your Goals 

  • What do you want your organization to achieve by getting more website visitors?
  • What do you want your website visitors to do on your site? Do you want them to sign up for newsletters, to make a donation or to share your website with their network?


Creating Solid Goals

In creating concrete goals, you will now be able to design and build your AdWords account to get the results that you want. Remember that you can only post text ads with a Google Grant so you need to convey succinctly and creatively what you want your visitors to do when they reach your website.


Measuring Your Results

Once your visitors complete the action that you intended them to, you’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of your advertisement. Examples of actions that can provide you with valuable metrics are:

  • Registration for events or programs
  • Inquiries about your organization
  • Signing up to volunteer
  • Online donations
  • Signing up for e-mail updates and newsletters

On the other hand, you may also have goals that do not involve any actions for your visitors. For example, your goal may simply be to spread brand awareness – something that can’t be instantly quantified. In this situation, you need to determine specific information that you want your visitors to be aware of.

Do you want them to be more interested about your programs or about the organization itself? Do you want to generate more interest in your upcoming activities or your current projects? In identifying more specific areas in your website that you want your visitors to pay more attention to, you’ll be able to construct your ad more effectively.


In the next installment of the Google Grants blog series, we will explore the importance of keywords in creating Google ads and How to Choose the Best Keywords for Your Google Grant.

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