If you are like the majority of internet users, Google is probably your go-to search engine. But chances are that you are only using Google in its simplest form, typing a few words and changing your search query until you get the results that you want.

While that method works, it is very limited. Google is a powerful tool, and to fully unleash that power you’ll need to know some tips and tricks. On Google Inside Search there is a great list of 50 ways to use Google that will have you searching like a pro. We have included a short list of my favorite search tricks that may not be obvious to the average Google user.

Our 5 Favorite Google Tricks

 Calculate Anything

Enter any math equation into the search box and Google will calculate your answer.

Check Flight Times

View live arrival and departure information for U.S. flights just by searching the name of the airline and the flight number.

Check Sport Scores and Schedules

Get scores and schedules for your favorite NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB teams simply by typing the team or league into the search box. All sports data provided by STATS, Inc.

Get Realtime Stock Quotes

Typing any ticker symbol into the search box will get you realtime stock quotes that update live in your search results. Click the link on the results page for a detailed market analysis from Google Finance.

Track Your Packages

Track your UPS, FedEx, or USPS packages by typing the tracking number directly into the search box. The results will show you the status of your shipment.


Here is the link to the full list:


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