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Handling Covid-19: 5 Marketing Tips for Businesses

It is important that businesses continue marketing during Covid-19. You can learn some marketing tips by clicking right here.

Sadly, COVID-19 has shut down thousands of small businesses. 

With so many businesses currently struggling, businesses need to take extra measures to reach their market. They need to change their business plan if it’s taking a more proactive approach to being online or having a new marketing strategy. 

A new marketing strategy that involves online digital strategies can help businesses survive during, and recover faster from COVID-19. It can help them reach their target market, drive traffic to their business, and generate more sales. 

If you are looking to implement a marketing strategy into your business and want marketing help, consider these marketing tips that can give your business a boost. 

1. Figure Out How to Reach Your Audience

COVID-19 has forced more people to stay home during the pandemic. People are staying inside and avoiding trips to businesses because it helps lower the COVID-19 curve. 

With more people staying home, it can be more difficult to reach your target market, especially if you own a brick and mortar business. 

One of the marketing tips to remember is to know where your target market is. That means figuring out where they hang out online. When you know more about your target audience and where they spend time, you can advertise and give them content. 

You can make them more aware of your business, your products, and your services, and what you are doing during the pandemic.

For example, you should see if your target market is spending time on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. By posting content or advertising on social media, you can attract followers on social media. 

You can show your followers what your business is doing differently during COVID-19. This may mean you show them what safety and cleaning measures you are taking to protect the customers. 

Overall, the more you know about your target market, specifically where they hang out online, the better your business can do. It gives you an opportunity to spread brand awareness. 

2. Invest in SEO 

Another marketing tip is to invest in your online presence. You need to make sure your website is updated, and you have the online tools to help you communicate with your audience. 

For instance, you should be creating SEO content on your website so you can drive more traffic to your site and convert more leads. 

Before creating SEO content or any kind of blog content, you should be aware of the essential ingredients that Google favors in order to rank your website.  

One of the strategies when it comes to SEO is knowing what keywords and phrases to use that can help you rank higher on Google. You need to know what keywords and phrases that aren’t difficult to rank and have a high search. This gives you the opportunity to rank in these keywords because your ideal customers are using them. 

You should also create quality long-form content. This means not spinning articles found on other websites. It means creating content that offers detailed information about your product or something that helps your customers overcome a problem. 

When you create quality content that drives traffic to your website, consumers will get the most value from that content. They will perceive you or your business as a qualified expert.

3. Maintain Communication With Your Current Customers

Another marketing tip to consider is to make sure you stay in contact with your current customers. Don’t just focus on getting new customers when your current customers already know you, purchase from you, and are loyal to you. 

One of the ways you can connect with your current customers is to email them. Send them emails about your business and what you are doing to stay proactive during COVID-19. You should also take an interest in the consumer by reaching out to them and seeing what they are doing and how they are doing during this time. 

When you take an interest in your consumers and their well-being, you are being more than a business who cares about sales. You are building a relationship with your customers. 

Email marketing is one of the best forms of communication because you can send someone information directly to their inbox. Sending emails is also less intrusive and disruptive than sending a text message or talking on the phone. 

4. Send Promotions

Part of taking an interest in your consumers and seeing how they are doing is by sending promotions. Running a sale, a loyalty discount, or something special for existing customers is a great way to drive extra business. Make sure you discount some of your services or products to help people make purchases. 

Sending promotions can also reignite someone’s interest in your business. You can attract new customers with promotions. 

5. Get Involved in the Community

Getting involved in the community can help spread brand awareness. You can help support charities or talk about your involvement in your local community during COVID-19.

When you do more than talk about sales or talk about your business and instead get involved in the community, it shows how you care about people. It shows how much you care about your community and their wellbeing.  

Find meaningful ways to get involved. Ask how they need to be supported – it is with donations, volunteering, or something else? Then do your best to help them where they need your assistance and encourage others to as well. 

The more you have sincere involvement in your community, the more consumers will trust you, and the further you will grow your brand awareness and that can turn into new customers and referrals.

These Marketing Tips Will Boost Your Business

Marketing tips may be the last thing on the mind of business because they are focused on saving rather than spending on marketing strategies. 

But the goal is to show people how you can help them, which requires marketing. You want to show people how your business is changing. You want to show people what steps you are taking to maintain your relationship with consumers. If you want help with your marketing strategy, you can contact us here.


Mark Hallman

Mark Hallman

Mark works with business to engage their audiences online via targeted marketing campaigns, conversion based websites, and ongoing measurement and optimization.

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