Has your non-profit organization decided to take advantage of Google Grants and benefit from $10,000 of free advertising per month? It is a fantastic offer and a huge number of non-profit organizations have benefited from using Google Grants. But before you get too excited and begin planning your campaign, think about what you need to do to ensure it is a great success.

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Know What You Want to Achieve

Before you think about the keywords and ad content you will use, decide what you want your Google Ads to achieve. Do you want to raise awareness of your non-profit organization, find volunteers, or attract those who benefit from your services?

Maybe you want to achieve several objectives. Write them all down so you are clear about what you want to get from your campaign.

Choose and Test For the Best Keywords

Use the Google Adwords keyword tool to find keywords that will help you achieve your objectives. When you type in a particular phrase it will usually offer several suggestions. Pick the best, but don’t stop there. Once your ads have been created, run split tests for your ads and see which ones bring you the results you desire.

Make Sure You Write Great Ads

To persuade searchers to click through, you need to make sure your ads connect with the reader. Take a look at other Google Adwords ads when you do a Google search to see which ones attract your attention. Make notes on what makes them stand out and see how you implement those ideas to create the best ads possible.

If you are not comfortable with writing ads, consider talking to a Google Adwords consultant, or outsourcing the creation of your ads.

Keep Costs per Ad Down

Just because you are not actually paying for your Google Grants ads, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best to keep costs down.  The lower your cost per Google AdWords ad, the better your results will be. And don’t forget that running the campaign is still costing your organization in staff time, or outsourcing fees, so the lower the cost per ad the better your return on investment.

To keep your costs per ad down, it is vital that you maintain a high quality score. One of the ways you can achieve this is by making sure your keywords are included in your ad and on the landing page.  Also, getting rid of ads that get limited clicks and keeping the most popular ones will help you to maintain an excellent quality score and keep your costs per ad down.

Track and Measure Your Results

Make sure you continuously track and measure your results using Adwords conversion tracking. That way you know which ads are bringing you the results you want to achieve, and which don’t work at all.

Managing a Google Grants campaign is a huge undertaking. If your employees do not have the time and you simply don’t know where to start don’t feel that you have to miss out. A good Google Adwords consultant can help you get your campaign started, keep it on track, and make sure you achieve your objectives. The investment could be far lower than trying to manage the campaign in house and expert help is far more likely to bring you great results.

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