In the last installment of this series you learned about Successful Ad Writing for Your Google Grant. In this post, you will learn about how to efficiently manage your organization’s Google AdWords account so that you can effectively maximize your time and get the most out of your limited budget.

While account management can be intimidating to a new AdWords user, it is important to check on your account fairly often. Your Google Grant conditions state that the account needs to be actively managed, and it is also good form to check on your account to make sure all of your ads are up and running and that none of your campaigns have been paused.


Campaign Level

In order make your campaigns easier to manage, set your campaigns up in groups that have common elements. For example, if you have several ad groups that are targeted towards program delivery you could set up a specific campaign named ‘Programs’ so they all share the same general settings. Other examples for campaign headings include events, recruitment, or fundraising.


Keyword Management

In previous installments, you learned about keyword research and the $1 pay-per-click (PPC) keywords auctions. Those concepts are still applicable in your campaign management.

You need to analyze the progress of your keywords on a regular basis to see if more or less people are using that phrase in their searches. It is also recommended for you to take note of trending keywords that you can use for your own ads. You also need to pay attention to how you group your keywords and be sure to keep them organized so that you can easily review its metrics at the end of the day.


Ad Text

While there is no one size fits all formula on how Google ad texts should be written, with a little bit of trial and error you will be able to learn which combination of words work best for your organization’s ads. To know which of your ads gets the most attention, you’ll need to review your metrics. For the under-performing ads, it is recommended that you either change your keywords, edit the text or both.


Account Management

If you have multiple campaigns that simultaneously ongoing, it’s important for you to stay on top of all of them so that you can carefully track down their progress. On your account dashboard, you’ll be able to see your active campaigns and the clicks and impressions that your ads receive.



Taken at first glance, proper management of your AdWords account may seem like a large task that will take a lot of your time. My advice is to split your actions into small segments and designate 15 minutes of time every few days to review and update certain areas of your account. That will help you ensure that you are getting into your account at more regular intervals, and will also help you get comfortable with AdWords over time.


The next post in the series will show you How to Make a Strong Call to Action for Your Google Grant.

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