If you run a non-profit organization, you could be eligible for a Google Grant. That means you could get as much as $10,000 of free advertising to spend on Google AdWords each month.

This is a great deal for non-profit organizations. But before you begin a campaign, you need to consider exactly what a Google Grant will cost you.

Google Grants – The Hidden Expenses

Although advertising through Google Grants is free, there are other costs associated with a Google Grants campaign and you need to consider these before you apply for a Google Grant.

The major cost is employee wages. Starting and running a successful advertising campaign takes skills, knowledge and time. If your organization does not have a marketing department or a staff member that specializes in online marketing, this could be a burden on your resources. 

The Fatal Google Grant Mistakes That Non-Profit Organizations Make

A Google Grant is a fantastic opportunity to promote your non-profit organization, if it is used wisely. Unfortunately too many Google Grant users are unsuccessful.

This is because they:

  1. Use untrained staff to run the campaign.
  2. Think they can set it up and leave it.
  3. Underestimate the skills and knowledge involved.
  4. Fail to define goals and monitor the ROI.

Why Using Existing Employees to Run Your Campaign Is a Bad Idea

If your organization is like most non-profits, payroll is your biggest expense and most of your staff will already have a full plate. An AdWords campaign is not something you can just put in place and leave. Understanding how Google AdWords works takes skill and knowledge. Plus, running and monitoring a campaign can take a lot more time if you don’t know what you are doing.

Unfortunately, many organizations do not realize the amount of time and skill involved in a Google Grants campaign. They delegate the task to an existing employee and some, or all of the following things happen:

  • The campaign is doomed to failure from the start because the employee does not have the required training.
  • The employee wastes countless hours on a campaign that produces poor results because they don’t know what they’re doing.
  • The campaign begins with good intentions but the employee fails to monitor and measure the campaign because they are under pressure with other work.

Consider Your ROI

If your AdWords account is poorly managed you will waste money. And it’s not just the “free” advertising that your organization will lose. Any salary being spent on a campaign which isn’t working is money down the drain for your organization.

You Have Two Better Options

  1. Pay for a staff member to learn about Google AdWords and online marketing and designate enough hours for them to properly manage the account.
  2. Outsource the task to a professional Google AdWords consultant.

If your organization is considering the first option, you will need to decide if your budget will allow for the expenses that come with training, and the time to manage the Google Grants account.

You will also need to ensure that your employee keeps up to date on any changes or Google updates that could affect the campaign. They will also need to have the skills required to test and measure, and monitor the results of the campaign to ensure it is successful.

If you decide to choose this option, consider the following:

  • Make sure the employee has adequate Google AdWords training.
  • Start small, with a limited number of keywords and ads.
  • Grow the campaign slowly.
  • Ensure the results of the campaign are monitored and measured.

Many organizations do not want to take the risk of putting an existing or new staff member in charge of their Google AdWords campaign. It takes time to implement Google AdWords, test different advertisements and keywords and begin to see the results. This is a risk because if the campaign isn’t going well a few months down the line, a significant amount of money could be wasted on the hours involved.

This is why many non-profit organizations outsource their Google Grants campaign to a professional Google AdWords consultant. A consultant already has the skills and knowledge to ensure the campaign is implemented properly and managed and monitored effectively.

A good Google AdWords consultant can ensure that you get the best results possible from your Google Grants campaign.

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