Now that you have learned How to Choose the Best Keywords for Your Google Grant, it is time to construct the text that will appear in your ad. Even though your ad is not for profit, it’s still important that you follow basic advertising rules to maximize effectiveness. With Google Grants you are limited to text ads, so you will need to promote your organization in a very limited amount of space. To do this, you need to go direct to the point without appearing too pushy or “spammy”.

You only have 25-characters to use on the first line and 35-characters on the second and third line including spaces. You also need to include your keywords and to incorporate them cleanly into your text.

Here is the text ad format:

Headline: Max 25 characters
Description 1: Max 35 characters
Description 2: Max 35 characters
Display URL: Max 35 characters
Destination URL: Max 1024 characters

How your ad will look:

AdWords Text Ad


Guidelines for Text ads:

  • Only one exclamation mark per ad, and it may not be in the headline
  • Question marks are allowed
  • Grammar is not an issue as long as the sentence remains legible
  • No gimmicky text
  • Cannot use trademarks or competitors names in text (may use them as keywords)

Ad Writing Tips:

  • Try to be as specific as possible
  • Highlight your unique value proposition
  • Don’t try to be clever – be direct as possible
  • Use keywords in text body where possible
  • Have a call to action if relevant
  • Capitalize every word

In order to give the user a good experience, make it easy for them to do what you want them to do by immediately taking them to the page on your website where they can complete the action. If you want the user to make a donation, your landing page should ideally be your donations page. Taking them to your homepage will require multiple actions from the user and could distract them from what you intend for them to do.

To get an idea of how Google ads are structured, do a quick search of your keywords on Google and look at the ads that will appear.
The next installment in the series looks at Precise Campaign Management for Your Google Grant.

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