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At Evergreen Digital Marketing, we work as part of your team to build digital campaigns that exceed your goals. Whether it’s generating brand awareness, fundraising, or selling products online, we’ve done it all before and know what works.

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Being Online Isn’t Optional

We’ve worked with traditional businesses, retail stores, tech startups, non-profits, and more – it doesn’t change. In today’s connected world, all businesses need to have a strong online presence to stand out and compete for dollars and time. Let us help you launch a new website, online store, social media plan, or digital advertising campaign that drives results.

We don’t just build websites – we help build businesses

“Mark & Shub at Evergreen didn’t just build our website they took care of things we never even knew to ask about, like SSL for security, and optimizing images for Google rankings.”

Web Design

Web Design

Beautiful websites that work great on every device

Web Development

Web Development

Custom online solutions delivered on time on budget



Secure, fast, and friendly online shopping experiences

Website Optimization

Website Optimization

Website speed, security and updates that make a difference

Translating Buzzwords
to English

Between SEO, CPC, and SSL, there’s enough three-letter buzzwords that make you want to utter four-letter profanities when thinking about them. At Evergreen Digital Marketing, we take pride in our ability to explain marketing-speak so you understand exactly what’s going on and why it’s important.

website design

website development

custom web solutions

website management

google adwords

search engine optimization

social media marketing

lead capture

digital strategy

google analytics

managed hosting

social measurement

Does Google Love You?

It’s important that a website looks good to you, your audience/customers, and to Google. Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) includes many factors such as Page Speed, Website Content, Image Tagging, and more – and all of these determine how high you rank on Google.

Does Google love your website?

It All Starts With Your Website


A Good Website is Like a Cake

It not only needs to look good, but also needs to taste good and should make you feel great.

Looks Good

First and foremost, a website should be visually appealing for all users. We think of design and development as a beautiful marriage, and maintain this mindset for all aspects of a project. If it doesn’t catch your eye, you’re not very likely to stick around.

Tastes Good

A website should be just as easy to use as it is beautiful. Is the relevant information easy to find? Is the website easy to use? Does it work just as well on all desktop browsers as it does on your mobile phone?

Feels Great

Does the user feel comfortable using the website? Are the experiences before and after the visit great? This includes tying in a unifying digital campaign, and having things like Live Chat and SSL Security be the icing on the cake. Pun intended.

Featured Project

Woeller Group

After starting with simple website updates and maintenance to a dated platform, we worked with Woeller Group and quickly learned the good, the bad, and the ugly about their old website.

When Evergreen was asked to propose a new website, the plan was simple: create a beautiful, user-friendly online portal for architects and interior designers around the world to view and order textiles and wallcoverings from Woeller’s unique offerings.


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