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Loretta Kooymans Communications

Loretta Kooymans Website

Project Summary

We had the pleasure of working with Loretta Kooymans over the past year and a half on a project for the YW Kitchener-Waterloo that included crafting strategic messaging, creating a brand guidelines document, and designing and developing their new website. As a YW Kitchener-Waterloo Board Member and communications professional, Loretta was key in ensuring that the voice and tone and messaging was consistent and effective for the brand.

When asked to help on the website for her new communications company, we were happy to jump in. In creating the website for Loretta Kooymans Communications, it was important that the style and feel of the site matched the message and professionalism, while letting her personality come through.

For this project we focused on three areas – the services that are offered, the relationships and work that Loretta has built in the past, and a space to share her perspectives on the industry.

If your company or organization needs help with your communications or public relations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Loretta!

Client Details

Loretta Kooymans collaborates with charities, non-profit organizations, associations and purpose-driven corporate clients at every scale of business, working to tackle social and environmental issues while sharing their brand and company’s story. Loretta works with her clients to solve public relations and communication challenges with a creative approach.

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