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3 Actionable Tips for Increasing Your Google Ranking

Are you wondering how to rank higher in Google? Read on for tips to implement today that will help you start increasing your Google ranking.

An online business lives and dies by its marketing efforts. In many cases, your digital marketing campaign should be centered around your ability to increase your Google ranking. 

Ranking on Google is a complicated process, but there are some surefire ways to quickly see results. We’re going to explore three of the most effective ways to increase your rankings, giving you some insight into things you can start doing to boost your bottom line. 

Let’s get started.

How to Increase Your Google Ranking

Each business should have an SEO campaign crafted around its niche and demographic

Those specifics will unfold in ways that are unique to the business, but the following points are extremely relevant to all businesses that are starting to market online.

1. Keyword Research

The foundation of a digital marketing campaign should be the use of specific keywords in the text within your site. 

When a user searches for something on Google, they’re using specific keywords. Choosing the right keywords to implement into your web copy is essential. Many tools exist that allow you to see which keywords have a high volume of searches and little to no competition. 

You wouldn’t want to optimize your page for the keyword “cars,” for example, because you’ll be competing with the biggest auto companies in the world. Instead, you might find that “cars for sale in Kitchener” will provide you with a better chance to rank.

Your website ranking in Google will be a lot lower if you’re competing with large companies with huge marketing budgets.

2. Create a Blog

Blogs are excellent ways to produce content that has a good chance of ranking. Each blog post you create should be made in response to the popular keyword that you’re trying to rank for. Additionally, you can slip a lot of important Google ranking factors into blog posts. 

So, if you find that the keyword “great ways to be happy” is popular, you could create a post optimized with that keyword and write it to answer the question that the user is asking. 

By continuing to research keywords and write blogs in response to them, you’ll develop a network of posts that all help to generate rankings for each other. When one of your posts does well and directs the reader back to your home page, your home page will see an uptick in rankings. 

3. Manage Your Website

Google’s algorithm shows preference to websites that are fully functioning and have no dead links or disorganized pages. 

Check on all the links across your page, and make sure everything is smooth from a user experience point of view. The layout of your site should be smooth, organized, and provide clear avenues toward whatever content the user is looking for. 

It can be difficult to rearrange a site once it’s completed, so you might consider working with a graphic designer or web specialist. 

Need More SEO Help?

Getting an excellent Google ranking is certainly within your reach. It can get pretty complicated when the competition is tough, so we’re here to help. 

Contact us to get a more in-depth look at what digital marketing can do for your company.


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