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A Call to Action: Strategy for Conversion Marketing

The most important goal for a business site is turning a browser into a buyer. Having a strategy for conversion marketing will make your efforts more effective.

The average will business will spend a little over 10% on marketing

If a business is going to spend that much on marketing, they need a specific conversion rate to make sure they get a positive ROI – a return of investment. Business needs to make sure they are converting their leads. 

That’s why conversion marketing is critically important. It’s built on how to increase the number of leads into paying customers. Conversion marketing is about strategizing in ways that can help bring in more profit for businesses. 

It’s turning a browser into a buyer. But what are the strategies of conversion marketing? 

Here are some strategies that can help you turn a lead into a buyer. It can help give your business the boost it needs when it comes to sales. 


Marketing is all about testing. It’s about zeroing in on the target audience and figuring out what they want. 

If you are running any kind of campaign and you don’t know your audience, the best thing to do is to target a broad audience. After that, you need to zero in on that audience. 

You need to figure out what’s working and what’s not. If it’s not working, figure out if you need to change who you’re targeting or change the campaign itself. 

When you do a test, you need to make sure you are starting from scratch every time. Every time you retest, it should get you one step close to bringing in more leads. 

Figure out what areas of your campaign need improvement. Takes notes on what you’re testing and see how it can be changed to target a better audience. 

Validate Your Results

If you are achieving results and you want to show potential leads these results, you should put them on your website. 

Offer proof of what you can do for customers. Show proof of what your work does for people after they become paying customers. Show proof of the results you can provide for your leads. 

This strategy is critical because your leads want some assurance. They want to trust that you can provide results for them. 

Offering case studies or testimonials can validate your results. It can show potential customers what you can offer. 

Do Email Marketing

Email marketing is another strategy in conversion marketing. 

It allows you to communicate with your leads as much as you want. Email is the perfect tool to maintain communication with your leads. 

While a lot of businesses use email marketing to launch products, email is really a good way to discuss your brand and have a conversation with others. 

It’s a good way to boost brand awareness to talk with your leads about what they want and how you can help them. It’s also important that you have email marketing strategies designed so you can figure out what works best in terms of open rate and click-through rate. 

Ultimately, email is a great strategy to employ because it helps you maintain a conversation with leads that can increase your conversation rate. 

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Create Videos

Around 30% of viewers will stop watching videos after 30 seconds. 

While viewers may stop watching, it still shows the power of video and how it captivates audiences. 

It shows how much people are watching videos. In fact, social media video is expected to top 23 billion in 2023. 

Given there’s so much attention to social media videos and videos in general, it’s more important than ever to create videos for your business. It can offer more clarity in terms of showing your brand and your product. 

A video can also show that is your business is adapting and is more than just a plain text website. 

The Power of Facebook Ads

Another strategy that is effective in conversion marketing is Facebook ads. 

You can choose various campaigns on Facebook from brand awareness to lead generation. You can also choose a conversion campaign. 

One of the perks of Facebook ads is that they offer tools that can help you test and retarget your audience. You can also retest different ads to see which one performs the best. 

Another perk when it comes to Facebook ads is that you put your leads on an email list or do a lead form that allows you to call them right away. 

Offer Live Chat

Lastly, offering live chat is another way you can communicate with your audience. 

If you get a website visitor, you can always set up a live chat on your website that allows you to talk to them and address any concerns. 

It’s another strategy that improves your conversion because you are addressing your core audience’s pain points. You can ask them directly about how you can help them. 

It’s also another way to maintain communication with your core audience. 

Why Conversion Marketing Is Critical

You need to understand the power of conversion marketing because it’s how you take a lead and turn them into a paying customer. The strategies discussed in this article can offer some tips and strategies on how to turn a lead into a lifelong customer. 

However, it’s important to realize that each of these strategies is more than a 1-time solution. It takes consistency. It takes testing and figuring out how to optimize each strategy. 

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