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7 Benefits of Google Ad Grants

Show Up First on Google

Google Ad Grants is one of the products offered by Google for Nonprofits. Ad Grants are the nonprofit extension of Google AdWords, and provides approved charities and nonprofits with up to $10,000 per month of in-kind AdWords advertising. This allows organizations to promote their organization on Google through text ads.

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Here’s a shortlist of benefits of Google Ad Grants that can be realized by charities and nonprofits.

  1. Bid on your branded keywords.

    • Branded ads will help you control the top of Google’s search results page.
    • Your ad, plus your organic search results, plus your organization listing on the right side of the page will leave little to no room for your competitors to show up when users search for your organization by name.
  2. Select your own keywords.

    • In organic search results, Google will determine which keywords will trigger your search results listings to show.
    • Using your Google Ad Grant allows you to determine which keywords are relevant to your goals and objectives to bring users to your website.
  3. Choose your destination pages

    • You choose which pages people will be sent to when clicking your ads.
    • While Google may choose to send the majority of users to your homepage, with Ad Grants you are able to send them to your highest converting pages.
  4. Determine your message.

    • In organic listings, Google will pull your page’s meta description to use in the search results which could result in missed opportunities.
    • With Google Ad Grants you can write your own copy for your text ads to ensure that your message best lines up with the keywords you’ve chosen and the action you want users to take.
  5. Bid on your competitors’ keywords.

    • Under organic search results, it is very unlikely that you will show up when people search for similar organizations by name.
    • With Ad Grants, you are able to bid on your competitors’ branded keywords so your ads can show up alongside their listings.
  6. Bid on actionable keywords.

    • Showing up organically on action-based keywords is very competitive and quite difficult.
    • Ad Grants allows you to bid on these keywords and show relevant ads with links to your chosen pages.
  7. Reach a broader audience.

    • People may be searching for keywords that are relevant to your organization, but not able to find you organically as that is dependent on Google’s search results page algorithms.
    • Ad Grants allows you to expand your reach by using keywords that are broader-based, but still relevant to your organization’s goals.

If you have further questions about how to get started with Google Ad Grants, or how the program can make an impact on your organization, please contact us.


Mark Hallman

Mark Hallman

Mark works with business to engage their audiences online via targeted marketing campaigns, conversion based websites, and ongoing measurement and optimization.

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