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Marguerite Ward Art


Marguerite Ward Art

Project Summary

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Marguerite Ward on her new website. In our initial consultation, Marguerite was clear in her direction that her work should be the focus of the website. For this site, we took the approach of creating a gallery look and feel with a clean design that showcases her art.

Portfolio sites present unique challenges. However, in this case, the site was built around Marguerite’s art versus trying to make her art fit a site.

We also helped with finding a font to work with and creating a simple wordmark logo.

Client Details

Marguerite Ward Art
Waterloo Region, ON

Marguerite approaches her painting as a reinforcement of her experiments.

Primarily using watercolour as her medium, her works focus on portraits, sceneries, the sea, and the wild.


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