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How To Use Practical Web Design For Improved SEO & Traffic

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The way your site looks and functions is critical to your SEO ratings and traffic - discover how to use practical web design for SEO.

The color of your website can actually improve brand recognition from customers

While you may think that having a website is important for business, it would be a mistake to undervalue how a website looks and how it reflects your business brand. 

Web design for SEO can help bring in more traffic, which produces more leads and more sales. 

Considering how 54% of mobile eCommerce will account for online sales by 2021, it’s important to know how and why web design is so important for businesses. 

Here’s everything about how to use practical web design for improved SEO and traffic

Content Is Everything

If you are redesigning your website for more traffic and leads, you should put content as the no. 1 priority. 

Considering how Google’s algorithm places quality content in the search rankings, it should be your focus to produce content that helps people. Your focus should be to create quality content. 

Some of the ways you can create quality content are with video and blog content. 

Product videos actually help increase your traffic and conversions. It helps show customers what your product and your business is about. 

You should promote videos on social media as well as your website. If someone visits your website, your video should seamlessly play for them as they scroll. It makes the video easier to watch. 

Blog content is everywhere, but the quality is not always there. Your website should have quality content that helps your customers. You should have content that answers their questions. 

More importantly, your content should be SEO focused. You should have short and long keywords that drive in more traffic. 

You can also see the work we do for websites and how we can help them bring in more traffic. 

A/B Testing

A/B testing is when you compare two versions on your website and you see what performs better. 

It can be as simple as changing your CTA from the color orange to blue. A/B testing gives you insight into the small design changes of your website and how it performs.

These small changes can make a huge difference when it comes to bringing in leads. 

You can A/B test the wording of links, what images you want, and color changes. Comparing two aspects of a website can give you insight into what your brand says to people and how they react to it.  

Ultimately, if you use these content and A/B testing as the two basic ways to design your website for more traffic, you’ll find it will improve how customers find you. 

Web Design for SEO Is the Future of Online Business 

Web design is crucial to landing more clients. When a potential customer visits your website, they should want to sign up for more information. The website should immediately appeal to them and their needs. 

Your website should also be designed for SEO purposes. Web design for SEO will help your business bring in more traffic. 

For more information on web design and how we can help you, contact us here


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