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The Latest Social Media Marketing Trends in 2020

As social media expands, so do the best ways to reach your business audience. Click here to learn some of the best social media marketing trends of 2020.

Social media is full of trends and can change rapidly, rarely having the same insight and trends from year to year.

As great as social media can be, it can also be confusing, competitive, and hard to keep up with constantly.

So we put together this article to go over the social media marketing trends for 2020 and discuss what you may be missing.

Let’s take a look at what rapid shifts, updates, and consumer interest are going to look like for 2020.

Social Media

There are several different ways to market in our world today, but social media services for a business is the leading and best way to get in front of the right audience.

As you are planning your marketing strategies for this year and into the next, take a look at these top and emerging trends.

The following sections cover the top trends of 2020. 

Video Content

Using video content in social media isn’t exactly new, but it is on the fast track to being the most popular way of marketing. Video marketing has been accounted for about 80 percent of internet traffic as of 2019 and this is growing!

Not only that but recent statistics have shown 96 percent of consumers in-between the ages of 18-34 watch marketing videos throughout the week and 75 percent of millennials will watch 1-2 videos daily!

Video marketing is dominating across all social media platforms. As you can see it has grown in a few short years and is continuing to do so. This trend will carry on through 2020 and into 2021. 

Small Niches

Marketers know that it isn’t all about trying to reach everyone but rather reaching the right organic people. The way to do that is by finding small niches and marketing towards those specific people interested in that niche.

According to this article from Gallup, we see that companies that market towards customer behavioral insight, outperform their rivals by 85 percent in sales. By creating marketing in a niche, you know exactly the language and behavior to use with that specific demographic. 

Quality over quantity is going to win in the long run with social media marketing. If you want true and authentic traffic and engagement, then finding and marketing towards a niche is the way to go. 

Brand Influencers

When it comes to selling products, brand influencers have been a great way of marketing a product and creating sales. This has been a trend in the last couple of years and has begun to take off.

More and more companies are realizing this is an authentic way to advertise their products and get in front of traffic that potentially wants their type of products.

This works similar to marketing towards small niches. The nano-influencers has a small-medium amount of followers who engage with their content and are actually interested in that influencer’s niche.

Marketing Gen-Z

We’re now coming up on the year to start marketing to Gen-Z. Aged between 12 and 23 now, Gen-Z should be marketed heavily. They are more connected through the internet than any generation before them. 

Gen-Z is expected to account for more than 40 percent of consumers throughout 2020. 

They express themselves online more than any other generation and are conscious and conserved about world events. Social Media is the best way to reach this generation in 2020.

VR Marketing

One of the newest and upcoming ways to marketing, VR is now expected to be a $209.2 billion market industry by 2022. Those are some big numbers and its time to start jumping on this bandwagon.

Sephora Cosmetics is one of the leading companies right now using this marketing strategy. They are using the technology to allow users to try on different steps of make-up products virtual without having to step into a store!

VR is giving consumers a whole new way of seeing and enjoying new products. It incorporates digital elements into your line of sight. It enhances your experience and changes your reality as a consumer. Who doesn’t want that?

Chat Bots

Not too long ago the idea of communicating with a chatbot was rediculous and dealing with pre-recorded information was an awful experience and totally useless.

That time is no longer, now you will want to interact with our advanced chatbots. The new technology they use now has chatbots respond quicker, smarter and are available 24/7.  

In a recent survey conducted, 40 percent of millennials and baby boomers said they now communicate with chatbots on a daily basis. 56 percent of users also prefer to engage with a chatbot over a customer service representative. 

Social Stories

The short video clip “Stories” has become an overwhelming popular way to share on social media. Snapchat started the trend and it was quickly followed by Facebook and Instagram. 

This is creating a new and exciting way to market towards consumers. A report from Facebook showed that 62 percent of consumers have become more interested in either a brand or a product after seeing a story

This Facebook IQ has found that 68 percent of people use “stories” on at least three different apps and 63 percent plan on using stories in the near future. 

Social Media Marketing Trends

Look out for all of these trends through 2020 and 2021, this all should be considered when planning for your marketing strategies

Social Media is an amazing tool when used correctly, but it’s constantly evolving. From algorithms to analytics, it isn’t easy to keep up with them. Hopefully, this article has given you some insight on the top social media marketing trends for 2020.

If you’re looking for more social media trends or need social media services, contact us here!


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