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Top Website Design Trends 2022

In our digital age, website design is more important than ever. To stay on top of the latest trends, read our list of the top website design trends in 2022.

Do you have a website for your business that you are worried is becoming outdated, but aren’t sure what to do to update it?

Keeping your website up to current trends will not only keep it looking fresh and relevant, but it will also keep your audience interested and engaged. 

A website up to date with current top website design trends will be more appealing and will keep traffic coming to your page. Outdated websites will seem uninteresting and can even become difficult to use for your audience. 

In our digital age, website design is more important than ever. To stay on top of the latest trends, read our list of the top website design trends in 2022. 

Strong Contrasting Colors That Pop

The past few years saw a trend towards soft, muted pastel colour palettes on websites. While those palettes will still work for brands that require a softer touch, 2022 will see a move towards vibrant colours, neons, and in general a throwback to the 80s and 90s where fluorescent colours ruled the day.

Take care in your website design though. Bright colours don’t work for every brand – no one wants to see a neon pink lawyer website (well maybe some of us would). You can also take baby steps and choose one bright colour to use as a highlight against neutral whites, greys, and blacks like we have on our site.

We’re in for this trend as it’ll bring some excitement back to our internet experience!

Engaging Questionnaires

An emerging top website design trend recently has been using interactive questionnaires on your landing page. These will immediately grab the attention of your audience. 

You can use these questionnaires to get information from your audience and cater your products to them, making a better and easier experience for them while using your website. 

Parallax Animation

Parrallax animations are when you use animations in both your foreground and background, creating a parralex effect. This is a creative way to add depth and optical illusions to your website. 

For the best results when using parallax animations, keep it simple. Using too many animations can be distracting and actually take away the focus from important parts of your website.

Use of Augmented Reality (AR) 

Augmented Reality experiences have become an increasingly popular website design trend. This will engage your customers or audience and allow them to interact with your website in a unique way. 

AR experiences allow your audience to have an immersive experience without leaving the comfort of their home. With so many people working remotely and social distancing, this is a great element to add to your website. 

Horizontal Scrolling

This trend of horizontal scrolling has become more popular recently to give audiences a unique experience.

This website design trend works best on pages that scroll through a lot of photos or block text. It can become confusing with long texts or other media, so make sure it works with what you want to put on your webpage!

Retro Fonts and Print Inspired Pages

Using nostalgic fonts and creating pages that look like print are trends that have been increasing in 2022. Using popular fonts and styles from the past will add style to your page and resonate with your audience. 

Using print-inspired designs will give your audience a taste of something familiar in the immerging digital world. Using these trends can help you attract a bigger audience and increase engagement. 


Minimalism is a trend that has been gaining momentum for the last couple of years and is continuing into 2022. Web designers have been using more simple layouts and designs to have a clean, crisp appearance. 

There are many different elements that you can make minimalistic. You can use a very basic color scheme, not use too much media, or use simple fonts throughout your website. 

Minimalistic websites have a clean, professional look and provide a website with easy usability for your audience. 

Abstract Images and Geometric Designs

Stock photos have become increasingly less popular and have been replaced by abstract art compositions and geometric shapes. This makes your website look more expressive and lively. 

Abstract art and geometric design can add a spark to your minimalistic designs or add a splash of color where your page may lack it otherwise. 

Cartoon Illustrations and Digital Depictions of Products

A top website design trend in 2022 that has become even more popular is the use of digitizing and making cartoon versions of products or images. Not only does this add character, but it also follows along with minimalistic trends. This will also help you future proof your website as illustrations and cartoons will not show current fashion styles, haircuts, etc that could make your products or people look dated as future trends progress.

The best part is that this trend combines the real world with the digital world.

Here are some ideas of ways you can use this trend on your website:

  • Imitate paintbrush strokes for any color swatches on your website.
  • Create cartoon illustrations or characters that your audience can relate to
  • Use cartoon imaging as labels or navigational elements

Choices for Preferences

Designers have been using different algorithms to allow their audience to choose preferences for their website. This can allow them to change things like light mode versus dark mode, or cater your content to them. 

This is not only good for catering to your audience and getting the most engagement, but it can also help to grow your audience by having options that make your website accessible and operable for everyone. 

Use These Top Website Design Trends to Optimize Your Website

If you decide to use any of these top website design trends will make your website more relevant, more operable, and more appealing to your audience. They can help you to increase website traffic and increase audience engagement. 

Whether you implement a new trendy design layout, simplify and modernize your design, or incorporate popular forms of media, your website will gain a fresh look with any of these tips. 

If you need help getting your old, tired website refreshed to keep up with modern trends please contact us.


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