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5 Enticing Graphic Design Hacks for Your Business Website

These 5 graphic design hacks will entice any customer to your business website, including advertising hacks and marketing strategies.

Web design is about wowing those that visit your site. It’s your firm’s chance to peacock what you’re about, what you’re selling, and how much pizazz you have while doing it. The design of your site is what captures an audience’s fleeting attention.

Having a beautiful website to broadcast your business is a must. Check out these 5 graphic design hacks for your site. 

1. Keeping It Simple

A lot can be said without saying anything. 

Modern design languages are grounded in their love for white-space, which is the use of a blank area to emphasize simplicity and the contents around it. Paint your canvas with as little as you can. But what you do add to your site should have explicit importance.

Titles of a page or a section of content should hit a reader with a pow. Such a stark juxtaposition grabs readers’ attention. 

Elements on a page should be clean with minimal design. It truly emphasizes what’s on the screen, rather than detracting away from it. Remember the Golden Rule: less is more. 

2. Choose the Right Fonts for Graphic Design

There’s a lot of artistry in picking the correct fonts. They say a lot, even when the words they represent may say nothing at all. 

Businesses should use fonts appropriate to what their business is and what they strive to fulfill. Fun bakeries shouldn’t use a boring monospace font. Conservative banks shouldn’t use comic-sans. 

Pick the right font to convey whatever it is that you’re selling. And for goodness sake, don’t mix the fonts. Pick a couple for headers and content and stick with those. 

3. Color Me Impressed

One of the most subtle techniques to convey something is through colour. It’s rooted in the psychological study of color theory

You should study it before you paint your entire website in the wrong colour. For instance, red is very aggressive and is a shout of dominance. Pink is very calming, perhaps you’d use it to entice your audience to stay awhile. 

4. Use Iconography

People are inherently lazy. We’re shocked you’ve read this far, actually! But we’re glad you have because there’s a lot to be done with iconography. 

Clients don’t want to read your numbers and be “wowed.” Instead, they’d rather see what makes your business such a success. Graphs, icons, and other visual statistics representations are an easy way to captivate your audience. 

At the very least, they’re more likely to look at the pretty graphs and circle charts. 

5. Use Lots of Pictures

This stems from the argument that it’s hard to capture an audience’s attention with words. However, it’s easy to do so with pictures. After all, a picture says a thousand words

This is especially true in marketing on your website. Don’t describe your savoury, piping-hot cinnamon rolls — show them off! Don’t just give a customer’s reviews, post their smiling faces.

Now You’ve Done It

Marketing on your website is a difficult endeavour, and it’s often overlooked for cost-savings. However, it’s important to have a professional site done with excellent graphic design. 

Good design is represented in choosing the right fonts, icons, pictures, and color for your website. Each thing represents your brand’s essence. 

Wanna talk to us about web design? Reach out to us, we’re always willing to chat! 


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Mark works with business to engage their audiences online via targeted marketing campaigns, conversion based websites, and ongoing measurement and optimization.

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