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7 Quick Ways to Market Your Website

Are you looking for cost-effective and quick ways to market your business website? Take a look at a few of the most popular methods that you can use.

Are you looking for cost-effective and quick ways to market your business website?

Whether it’s running a contest on social media or using pay per click advertising there are many approaches available to you.

In this article, we will take a look at a few of the most popular methods that you can use.

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1 – Include Your URL on Stationery, Cards, and Literature (and your email signature)

If you are handing out your business card and it doesn’t have your website address on it, you could be missing out. People will tend to look at websites prior to contacting you, so make it easy for them to find your site online.

Every time you send someone an email is another chance to put your URL in front of them. Try to make sure you have a link to your website in your email footer. Bonus tip – include a call to action or offer in your footer to further entice people back to your website.

Get your website address out there for the world to see. This means on your letterhead, business cards, and your email signature.

2 – Announce a Contest

Announcing a contest is a great way to market your website. Make sure the entry form for the contest is on your actual site and you will have a slew of people clicking around and finding out more about your business.

Rafflecopter is a great tool for creating online contests. They also feature widgets that are easily embedded into your blog or website.

You can promote the contest by posting on social media, emailing out to your client list and you can also promote it offline with a flyer, or other promotional material.

3 – Pay Per Click ads (Google AdWords)

This is not a free method, but it is a good one for getting quick and measurable results. And the best part is that you only pay when someone clicks your ads and visits your site.

By targeting the keywords, geographic areas, and customers that you are looking to attract you can set up ad campaigns to drive traffic to your website.

If you haven’t done this before, make sure you get some help with it as otherwise, you may not get the best results possible. As Google Partners, we’re positioned to help ensure you get the best results from your online marketing efforts.

4 – Send Offers to Your Visitors and Customers

If you have an email list of your clients, why not send out a special offer which links back to your website? Even if you only have a physical address, why not send them a letter with a link to your site on it?

If you don’t have a list of customer email addresses there is no better time than now to start collecting.

Bonus tip – have a clear call to action with a fillable form on your website. This will help convert people that visit your site via your offer into leads or customers.

5 – Use keywords in your website pages – SEO

This is fairly quick to implement however the results may take a while.

Use keyword research to find out what your target customers are typing into search engines and then incorporate these words into the copy of your site.

Google has a great keyword planner tool inside AdWords that is free to use and will give you insight into your level of competition and expected traffic volume for search terms.

6 – Create a Local Google Business listing

When your customers are looking for you with a local search, make sure you are easy to find by having your site listed with Google My Business.

Having this listing in place will also help you prevent your competition from showing up in the search results as Google now gives a fair-sized piece of the search results page to local Google Business listing results.

7 – Video – YouTube

Often overlooked, YouTube is a very large search engine and can be a fantastic way to find relevant traffic. If you have experience making videos, this can be a quick way to highlight your business.

Once your video is uploaded to YouTube, you can promote it on social media. People will also be able to find you when searching for videos on YouTube.

Just don’t forget to mention your website in the video, and link to it as well.

Making it Work for Your Business

There are hundreds of different ways that you can market your website, both online and offline. The key is to experiment with different things, measure the results using Google Analytics and continue to evolve.

Use these methods, and also try to think outside the box and come up with your own unique ways to generate traffic to your website.

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Mark Hallman

Mark Hallman

Mark works with business to engage their audiences online via targeted marketing campaigns, conversion based websites, and ongoing measurement and optimization.

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