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Great Website Style Ideas To Set You Apart From The Competition

Diving into some of the top website style ideas to gain inspiration for your next site build. Great tips for helping your website stand out from the rest.

In a world where people use online information to qualify businesses, it’s crucial to have a great website. A top site can easily win customers. But here’s the challenge─ a great website is achievable with excellent website style ideas. 

You can’t just pick any design ideas for your website. Website style ideas must reflect your business and resonate with your customers. Customers are likely to overlook your business if your website isn’t aesthetically appealing and functional. 

You might sweat finding the best style for your business. With these recommendations, you can streamline your search and pick the best website style idea faster. 

Showcase Testimonials  

When designing a website aimed at selling goods or services, testimonials can be the spice to boost conversions. Testimonials feature unbiased proof from existing customers about your offers. They are powerful and can easily convince new customers to buy. 

Using them in styling your website can establish credibility and win customers’ trust. Unlike the rest of the content, they aren’t pitches but success stories from real people. Research shows 91% of customers rely on testimonials as accurate opinions when buying. 

Testimonials can be videos, customer reviews or blog content showing feedback from the customers. Use the testimonials that bring out your product features and don’t over-promise the customers. Remember, you want the website to look less sale-sy and be as authentic as possible.

For the best results include the testimonials on your landing page, the home page, slides or near to the Call to Action. 

Ask for Referrals

What if you turn your existing customers into your brand ambassadors? Current customers are your best asset and you can maximize them to grow your business faster.

68% of marketing executives say referrals are one of the most effective marketing tools. Using referrals programs as a website style idea can help to reward customers and increase retention rates.

Think of an incentive that can propel your customers to refer their friends to your business. You can try contests or referral links that give existing customers a bonus for referral.

Referral programs are one of the most popular in increasing conversions. Hundreds of websites use the model, and that can be proof of the model’s success. Amazon Prime, Walmart Grocery, and are some top businesses that reward customers for referrals. 

Use Uniform Designs

Your website should match your brand’s personality. Creating content and illustrations from scratch can help you develop something unique. 

A unified website ties all your styles and ideas to provide uniformity. Similar color schemes and illustrations can give your site a lovely flow. 

Your blog pages, landing pages, slides, and product pages need to all have cohesive marketing elements to further solidify your brand. A uniform website helps you to bring out a relationship between the pages with the image of your brand. 

Pick Unique Fonts

When picking website style ideas for your business, you need to show some nuance in your details. It’s easy to overlook many design elements. But there’s one thing you must consider ─ the right fonts for your website.

Fonts can be what determines whether your website stands out. Typography relays different emotional messages. It can help you to create a significant impact on your customers.

Unique fonts can deliver messages about your creativity, elegance, stability, strength or uniqueness. Even your business industry can influence the choice of fonts. For instance, you won’t use similar fonts in photography and property management sites.

Invest in Quality Content

Great website style ideas are about the customer. Your content must be easy to find and it should also meet their needs. That means you must invest in high-quality content and make it more visible to the customers.

Websites that focus on the content put the valuable content near the customer. Their designs ensure customers don’t struggle to find the content options they desire. 

Content-focused websites glue customers for more content and enhance customer relationships. Customers can return to the sites if they are sure of finding relatable information. 

Stand Out with Color Schemes

Colors play a huge part when it comes to emotions and moods. If you use the right colors for your website style, you can help influence the way your visitors think when they come to your site. Colors increase brand recognition and help your company become more identifiable. 

Color is a crucial aspect of all website style ideas. Understanding which color combinations are most suitable for your specific niche might help with choosing. For instance, health and wellness may do better with more natural colors such as browns, greens, blues, and oranges.

Picking the right color mix for your website can be tricky. Use colors that resonate with your brand and mix well together.

Set a Virtual Tour for Your Business

Customers want to experience everything about your business from your website. One of the website style ideas you can use to give them a real taste is virtual tours. With virtual tours, the customers can immerse themselves in your business and experience your offers.

Think of a 360 virtual tour to the physical location of your business. If you don’t have a store then a virtual experience with the products can help customers get a feel for your business.

Virtual tours are an excellent way to add a human touch to your website. They can encourage brand engagement and allow customers to enjoy all the aspects of your website. 

Choose the Right Website Style Ideas for Your Business

Choosing the right website style ideas for your business can help set you apart from the crowd. You want to provide a unique and exciting experience for your customers.

Be cautious that you don’t compromise mobile responsiveness and navigation. Remember to balance your style ideas with user experience. 

Your website style ideas should also resonate with your business. Make sure you remain true to your brand’s colors, what you do and why customers use your products. For more assistance with positioning your business with great design, feel free to contact us today. 


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