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Essential Digital Marketing for Your Business

Types Of Essential Digital Marketing For Your Business

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses many types of services. The goal of digital marketing is to use different digital channels to improve branding and recognition for companies. For small business owners, digital marketing is essential and can help to expand the company’s customer base. With the following information, individuals will discover more information on the most beneficial services of digital marketing agencies and how these services can improve a company’s bottom line.

Why Do I Need Digital Marketing?

For small business owners, digital marketing is extremely important. While print ads and traditional means of advertising have their place, there is no better way to reach the masses than with digital marketing.

The right digital marketing plan allows businesses to interact with their potential customer base and really get to know their needs. Business owners will also find they are able to instantly track the results of each campaign that is launched so they can determine its effectiveness.

Most people check out online search engines and learn about a company before ever visiting a brick and mortar location or making a purchase online. If a business is not easily noticeable and does not rank high enough, it will be passed over.

Understanding the Different Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves many different services and most marketing campaigns will involve more than one. A combination of services will give small business owners a tailored approach that will help them fully meet their marketing needs and see success in their campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When people think of digital marketing, one of the first things they consider is search engine optimization. SEO is important for all types of businesses but is even more important for those who operate online companies.

When people are searching for products or services, they are typically going to check out a search engine first. Millions of users use Google, Yahoo, and Bing each day. If a business is not listed high enough in the results, it will likely get very little attention, if any.

Studies have proven people rarely click past the first couple of pages of search engine results. SEO is crucial for helping a business rank as high as possible so it can garner attention from searchers. This practice means optimizing the website, campaigns, and content to ensure they allow the business to receive a high rank.

Hiring an SEO professional helps to ensure the right strategies are put in place. The process will not cause a business to soar to the top overnight, but with continued efforts, major improvements can be made and a business can see their listing nearer the top.

When practicing SEO, it is always essential to achieve white hat results when it comes to keywords, content, and optimization. Using black hat approaches may give a quick rise, but could result in a site being blacklisted which can spell disaster.

Search Engine Marketing

While SEO is essential for helping a site rise in rank, it certainly is not the only approach. This approach involves buying ad space on search engine result pages. The ad shows up at the top or near the top, depending on what ad space is purchased.

This is an effective means of digital marketing and is affordable for all budgets. Google and other search engines offer ad space and businesses only pay when users click on the ads. These ads look almost identical to typical search engine result listings, but Google places a small “ad” indicator to let users know this is an advertisement.

As of now, there are two popular paid search services and they are Google Ads and Bing Ads. It is essential small business owners have ads running on Google Ads for the best results. The best part of purchasing these ads is business owners can customize them to only be shown to a particular audience, making the ad campaign much more successful.

Many business owners simply do not have time to plan, launch, and manage their search engine ad campaigns which is why so many rely on the professionals for help. Hiring a professional takes away much of the guesswork and will help to ensure the ads offer a high ROI.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

According to Pew Research, around seven out of ten adults use Facebook. There are now more people on social media sites than ever before and companies who are not tapping into that market are missing a big opportunity to spread the word about their business.

Most people are shocked to learn there are now over 65 social media sites and this number is climbing higher each year. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest are all gaining momentum.

Sharing stellar content on social media sites is one of the best ways to engage an audience. Here, business owners can connect with their customer base, learn more about them, and take the initiative to meet their needs in a more personal way than ever before.

There are also organic and paid options for reaching an audience on social media sites. Just like with search engine ads, social media ads on Facebook and other sites can be targeted to only be shown to a specific demographic. This makes this form of advertisement much more cost-effective and beneficial for small business owners.

With a strong presence on social media sites, small businesses can position themselves as a leader within their industry niche. The right social marketing campaign can propel a company’s recognition and branding like no other method of digital marketing.

Content Marketing

No digital marketing campaign would be complete without stellar content. Content is one of the biggest factors in determining rank and it is also what speaks to customers and engages their interest. The goal of content should be to inform and provide solutions for problems customers have. When a company can offer trusted solutions and information, the loyalty level of its customer base will naturally rise.

The goal of content marketing is to provide information and subtle marketing so that a reader does not even realize they are reading marketing material. The material should be non-promotional in nature and should provide the most accurate and easy to read information possible.

Yes, keywords can be used in content marketing and should, but keyword stuffing is an outdated practice that will never allow for proper rank. The goal of this type of marketing is to produce high-quality content that gains customers’ trust.

There is a myriad of ways companies can purchase content and they include blogs, guest post blogs, webinars, eBooks, reports, and white papers. Digital marketers hire talented writers to ensure their content is superior and sets a company as an authority in their industry niche.

Content marketing is, arguably, one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. A small business owner needs to have the best content on the Internet and they should produce articles and other written information that sets them apart from their competitors and convinces readers to take notice.

If the website’s content is not stellar and authoritative, search engines like Google will reduce the rank while indexing and this can have a negative impact on the company’s traffic flow and their eventual bottom line.

Landing Page Marketing

A landing page is a standalone webpage that is created specifically for marketing and advertisement. A targeted landing page can add a great deal of success to any digital marketing campaign and can result in a higher conversion rate.

In most cases, digital marketers are going to directly link a landing page to its corresponding ad so when users click the ad, they are taken right to the landing page. Landing pages must be made with careful thought. Every detail of the page is important, from the font and colors to the spacing.

It is crucial landing pages are mobile-friendly and load with lightning-fast speed. If a page takes over two to three seconds to load, the bounce rate will be incredibly high. A professional digital marketer is an expert in creating purposeful landing pages that are targeted to get the best results.

From the call to action button to the convincing text, every detail of the landing page must be masterfully crafted to create a reaction in the reader. It is not enough to simply say the right words, every detail matters and digital marketers know this better than anyone.


Most small business owners will see the greatest success with a combination of the above essential digital marketing services. For small business owners, these services are essential for gaining customers and launching or improving branding.

A digital marketing agency can take over all the steps involved in any successful marketing venture. It takes skill, the right tools, and a concerted effort to perfect a marketing campaign, so relying on the professionals is absolutely essential.

If you are a small business owner in need of help with your digital marketing approach, consider the above services and talk to us about how we can help you meet your needs and can give you the results you want.


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