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Leadership Wellness Lab


leadership wellness lab website

Project Summary

Working with Leadership Wellness Lab has been very timely for us here at Evergreen as we have seen the burnout culture affect us personally, along with our friends and clients throughout the pandemic.

Dr. Sriharan and Leadership Wellness Lab work on research related to workplace wellness and a healthy workforce and required assistance in bringing academic work together with the programs and services they deliver to business leaders and organizations.

leadership wellness lab logo

With close collaboration with Dr. Sriharan, we created a new logo, assisted with copywriting and editing, and designed and developed a new website all geared to create a publicly facing brand. The website showcases their research, highlights Leadership Wellness Lab’s programs, and has clear calls to action to help potential customers get in touch.

The logo and brand assets were designed to balance the academic nature of the organization with the outward-facing programs and services that they offer.

We look forward to supporting the marketing efforts of Leadership Wellness Lab as they continue their important work.

Client Details

Leadership Wellness Lab
Toronto, ON

Leadership Wellness Lab was found in 2020 by Dr. Abi Sriharan, an internationally recognized, award-winning leadership scholar, to address the growing work-related burnout crisis. They study the root cause of burnout, explore innovative solutions to address the burnout crisis, and inspire leaders and organizations to transform their work environments for high performance.


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