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The Whole Package: How Full-Service Marketing Works

When you're trying to make a name for your company, you could work with lots of different professionals. Or you could try full-service marketing!

If you’re a business owner then you already know that running a business is a lot of work. You have obligations to your employees, customers, and the government. Every business owner knows that they need marketing to help keep customers coming through the doors, but where do you find the time?

A full-service marketing company can help busy business owners by providing everything you need from one agency. This article will explain how full-service marketing agencies work and how they can help you save time. 

Full Service Marketing Agencies

If you’re asking, “What is a full-service marketing agency?” you’re not alone. Don’t let the name throw you off. A full-service marketing agency is one agency that can provide a full range of services from digital marketing and search engine optimization to lead generation and content marketing. 

Full service marketing agencies save busy business owners time because they can provide all the marketing services you need at one convenient location. You won’t have to shop around for an additional agency to produce a radio commercial for you. A full service marketing agency does it all. 

Full service marketing agencies have staff that specializes in each area of marketing. You can rest assured knowing that your company will have the marketing solutions and know-how it needs to thrive. 

Why Hire a Full Service Marketing Company? 

If your business does not have an in-house marketing team you could miss out on opportunities to help your company grow. But, hiring a full team of experts to market your business can get really expensive quickly. 

Doing business with a full service marketing agency allows you to use their expertise without adding them on as benefits. This can be an affordable option for many small and medium-sized businesses. 

If you have an in-house marketing team there are still many benefits to hiring an outside marketing agency to help market your company. Bringing in extra hands can help your employees focus on areas where they are experts and outsource work that might be better suited to the marketing agency. 

Hiring an outside agency can also help you scale your company’s marketing and optimize your campaigns to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Your outside full service marketing company will work hand in hand with your marketing department to ensure your marketing goals and objectives are being met in a timely manner. 

It’s also helpful to have a fresh set of eyes take a look at a challenge facing your company from a different perspective. Oftentimes they will be able to provide fresh ideas and solutions that you haven’t thought about or tried before. 

Services Full Service Marketing Agencies Can Provide

Full-service marketing agencies provide a lot of different marketing services to help your company. They can help you optimize your inbound marketing leads by providing the following services:

  • Content marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Paid advertising
  • Websites and landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media

They can also help you obtain more outbound leads as well. These types of services can help your company receive more outbound leads. 

  • TV commercials
  • Radio commercials
  • Print ads
  • Flyers and brochures

Benefits of Working With a Full Service Marketing Agency

Working with a full service marketing agency can help your business in many different ways. Overall one of the greatest benefits is saving money. As we mentioned before hiring a team to perform all of these duties in-house can be cost-prohibitive for most small and medium-sized businesses. 

Full-service marketing agencies also receive discounts on media purchases because they buy in large quantities. They then pass these savings down to their customers. Many times it will be cheaper to produce an advertisement with an agency than trying to do everything on your own since they already have relationships with the media companies. 

You will save money on staffing, software, and facilities and still be able to get high-quality marketing. 

When you are relying on your in-house marketing team, it can be difficult when your business needs to pivot or scale up quickly. A full service marketing agency can help take care of that for you. 

Hiring qualified talent, training them in your processes, and retaining employees is time-consuming and expensive. It can also be difficult to scale down after you’ve hired the employees if your business is seasonal. 

A full service marketing company has the ability to scale up or down at a moment’s notice. You don’t have to pay for employee costs and you only pay for the services you need. 

Agencies are also driven to produce results for your company. Some agencies have a clause where if they do not produce results, they do not get paid. This leads to greater optimization and transparency and greater optimization for your company. 

Your current in-house marketing team may be stuck in their way of thinking about things. Agencies will use data to make decisions quickly and make sure the right strategy is being implemented for your business. 

Marketing Agencies Are Experts at Your Service

Once you’ve decided to work with a full service marketing agency, they will become a part of your extended company and team. They want to see you succeed just as much as you want to succeed. 

Your new team members are experts in digital platforms for multiple industries. They can help your company create cross-functional campaigns across multiple platforms and make sure your marketing is working for you. 

Your in-house team might not have the time or experience to fully optimize your digital marketing campaigns as a full service agency can. Since an agency works with many clients at once they can see what other businesses are doing and where they have had success. They can share this information with your company. 

Get Started Today

It’s no secret that a full service marketing agency can benefit your company, helping you to save time and money. Whether you are looking to run a search engine optimization campaign or create TV commercials, a full service marketing agency is a one-stop-shop for busy business owners. 

Evergreen Digital Marketing is a full service marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing services. Let our team of experts help you optimize your marketing campaign and get more leads for your company.

Contact us today to get a free quote. 


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