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Top 5 Great Website Design Ideas

Website design is an extremely important part of any growing business. Check out these top 5 website design ideas to get inspired.

In the 21st century, no business can ignore the digital world. The COVID-19 pandemic force many people to realize that the difference between “online” and “real life” is obsolete. The internet is an extension of real life, and people need to understand this in order to succeed. 

In 2019, digital marketing surpassed traditional marketing in terms of revenue generated. If you want to bring people into your business, you have to bring them to your website. 

But if your website isn’t designed well, those potential clients won’t stick around. That’s why website-designed ideas are so important. In this day of short attention spans, you have to have the best website design if you want to keep people around.

This article will teach you how to design a website by walking you through five trendy website design ideas. 

1. Focus On Form 

There’s a reason why form was so important to the modernists of the 20th century. While content is extremely important in getting your message across, all content is shaped by the package it comes in. That package is a form. 

Start outside of the internet in order to give your website a three-dimensional feel. Sketch out on paper how you want your website to look, almost like you’re planning a room. 

If it helps, think of designing your website as similar to designing your facility. You’re going to want to make sure that people feel comfortable, that they know where to go, and that they trust you with their time. 

If you have people helping you out with your website, that’s even better. Draw out how you want your website on a whiteboard, and have people come up and draw their own ideas. 

To create an experience that feels more similar to the internet consider planing your website out on post-it notes. Post-it notes offer a digital experience because if something isn’t working, you’re simply able to pick it up off the board and replace it with something else.

2. Choose a Color Pallete 

One of the key parts of designing a website is making it visually pleasing so that people want to stick around. While keywords are extremely important, SEO is also largely determined o how much time users spend on your website. If you create a vibrant, dynamic, color experience, they’re going to want to spend more time there, and even recommend it to their friends. 

The best way to make sure that the graphic design of your website flourishes is by choosing a color palette. Make use of the fundamentals of color theory to create a site that’s pleasing to the eye. 

In the world of colors, more isn’t always better. Too many colors on one page — or even one website — can overwhelm the eye and seem unfocused. Choose a group of colors that are similar to each other, to give your website a coherent look. 

However, colors that look alike aren’t the only option you have. Colors that look like each other are referred to as “analogous” colors, but you can also make use of a “complimentary” design.

A complimentary design takes colors that are often considered opposites and juxtaposes them to make them both stand out. A good example of this website that’s both red and green. These colors help each other pop and stand out. 

You can also make use of a “triadic” color design, three colors that triangulate themselves on the color wheel. A common example of this is blue, yellow, and red, which can make your site feel free-wheeling and exciting, without distracting the eye. 

3. Make Your Contact Information Easy to Find

This one is very basic, but it’s amazing how many people get this one wrong. Your “contact us” page, while it might not be very glamorous, could just be the most important part of your website. Don’t hide it down below at the way bottom of the page just because it doesn’t look quite as nice. 

Instead, make your “contact us” page a large button at the top right of the screen that is extremely easy to access. Once the client gets to this page, make sure that you keep your design minimal, so that the client can easily read your information. 

4. Call To Action Buttons 

However, your contact information shouldn’t be the only thing that’s easy to find. Your website should be festooned with CTA buttons — your clients should have the option to get linked to a new and important chamber of your website almost everywhere they turn. 

5. Follow Trends 

At the end of the day, you’re not going to be able to choose all of the best website design ideas in one go, because trends are always changing. Take an artistic approach to website design, and be willing and able to alter your design as the months wear on. It’s much better to build your website bit by bit and get it right. 

Keep updated on the hottest website design trends to make sure that you don’t lose touch. The world of website design moves extremely fast, and you need to keep up so you’re not left in the dust. 

If your office was designed in 2007, it most likely still looks pretty great — most of our homes were built way before that. But think about how website looked back in 2007. Would you trust a website that looked like that now? 

Understand These Website Design Ideas 

There’s no doubt about it — in 2021, there’s little difference between “online” and “the real world”. If you want your business to thrive, you need to get online and make use of the best website design ideas. 

If you focus on form, choose a color palette, make your contact information easy to find, add CTA buttons, and stay informed about trends, you’re far more likely to out-design your competitors. 

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